Grand Lisboa, A Friend of Macau Sky

Grand Lisboa is a friend of Macau sky. Having reputation as the tallest building in Macau, this building has 47 floors and height of 261 meters. This dynamic-style tower offers people hotel and restaurant.

For those who don’t have chance to get inside the building, they are suggested to take picture with it from a distance as background since it is so iconic and differentiates Macau with other places.


At Taqwa Great Mosque of Cirebon

The Minaret

After couples times seeing it from a distance, from a train, I finally have a time to visit At Taqwa Great Mosque of Cirebon in Kartini Street, Kejaksan Kampong during the evening prayer of Isya. That’s like “relieving” too to eventually get so close with its minaret which dominantly appears from a distance. In fact, the mosque with its minaret is recorded as the highest building in Cirebon. Continue reading

The 0% Alcohol Beer from Bogor

I walk to explore street foods in Suryakencana, the street right in front of the main gate of Bogor Botanical Gardens. I keep walking to find the most authentic one. Since, I haven’t decided yet with some choices I see, I go to Indomaret minimart for buying a bottle of mineral water. Accidentally, I find something attractive in the right side of the minimarket which I previously don’t​ notice. Wow, what is that? A small and simple cart with the word “bir” (beer) on it. 

I come close to see what it really is. I read its brand is “Es Bir Kotjok Bogor Si Abah” which literally means Ice Beer Shake of Bogor by A Dad. It’s interesting because usually beer is found on bar, not in the area of street food. Since, I don’t drink beer, I will not continue for trying it. But, wait! I read 0% alcohol there. How come? It looks like “so beer”, especially after seeing its frothy foam on the top of the drink. In fact, after discussing with the seller, I find the information that it only consists of herbal ingredients. It is made by the combination of ginger (the red one), cinnamon, palm sugar, and clove. The frothy foam itself comes as the reaction of shaken cinnamon, clove, and ice. Ya, I finally drink it and it feels great. It tastes like herb beverage for remedy but comes in a sweet style. 

Furthermore, I begin to ask more information. The seller tells me that there are only three carts that his family uses for selling their products. Those are all located around Suryakencana in which the first one is located on the small aisle.

In fact, Es Bir Kotjok Bogor Si Abah has passed through long years of history. In 1948, a dad (abah in Sundanese) made that recipe. It was so popular to serve during wedding especially for Chinese descendants wedding since Suryakencana itself was just like a Chinatown of Bogor at that moment. No wonder, that beverage was often called the groom and bride beer. Moreover, in 1965, the beverage was sold by moving around from Suryakencana to Bogor market and began to gain more popularity.

Photo and Story by Sonny Hendrawan Saputra (April 8, 2017)

Japanese Night Street Food in Jakarta 

For enjoying night ambiance of the city with affordable dinner menu, people may choose to buy foods from street stalls. In Indonesia, especially in Java area, people can have angkringan or wedangan style. Meanwhile, in Japan, people have yatai. Both angkringan and yatai offers their food by wooden moveable cart. 
Now, in Jakarta, people can experience the yatai moment with its iconic red lanterns in Tanpopo Menteng. Several wooden carts are available to provide various kinds of Japanese foods. People may choose authentic Japanese foods from ramen, gyudon, to oden. Don’t forget to drink ocha tea, too. To experience more alive dinner, people may pick yakiniku in which they grill and flavor the meat by themselves. Generally, the price is more affordable than the Japanese foods sold in Restaurant.

Photo and Story by Sonny Hendrawan Saputra

Life in Jakarta #11: Ria Rio Reservoir, from Hideous to Famous


Ria Rio on Serenity

Ria Rio, people suddenly talked about this reservoir since September 2013 after governor of Jakarta at that time, Joko Widodo, had the program to rejuvenate it. The massive publication about the reservoir located in Pedongkelan, Pulogadung, East Jakarta also raised its popularity especially because the rejuvenation had the purpose not only to return its function as water storage to prevent flood but also to make it as open space for public’s activity. However, I and most friends especially office mates didn’t know where the exact location was. Continue reading